Top sixteen favourite One Tree Hill Charactersas voted by our followers:
#5: Lucas Scott

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lucas scott. one tree hill. otreehilldaily. honey i really don't like you. but i made the gifset. sooooo lol.

Top sixteen favourite One Tree Hill Charactersas voted by our followers:
#11: Jake J

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jake jagielski. one tree hill. otreehilldaily.

You are the love of my life; now we’re man and wife.

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naley. brulian. leyton. othedit. one tree hill. i put naley in the middle cause their kiss is different. but they are my number one lol.

"Sarcasm is my specialty. It’s a blessing and a curse." - Bethany Joy Lenz

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bethany joy lenz. othcastedit.

Why don’t you come on over
Why don’t you lay me down
Does the pain feel better
When i’m around
If i am good to you

Won’t you be good to me
That’s how easy this should be

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one tree hill. othedit. this doesn't look good at al. but i love this song. and i love betty. SO. keith/karen and mouth/millie were supposed to be bw. but shit happened. :(.

We’re not gonna do this. We’re not gonna get sad. Nothing’s gonna change now. We’ll all be friends forever. I know it.

Today we celebrate the little show that could/the epic show that did. Happy One Tree Hill Day!

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othedit. one tree hill. oth day. i'm crying. posting today cause tomorrow i'll be super busy studing. ;_;. k.
Anonymous: how do you sharp your gifs?do you use an action or what? :)

i use this action! :D

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ask. anonymous.
drrncrss: seriously, you love nathan scott as much as i love him <3 praise!

i live an intense nathan scott appreciation life! (◡‿◡✿)

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ask. drrncrss. nathan scott for president.
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!!!! omg thank you so much. this is so sweet. . nm.
Anonymous: would it be possible to request a oth gifset or picspam of just nathan scott's chest pretty pretty please? with sugar on top??? :)

college is keeping me very busy so i won’t be able to gif anything at the moment, but i’ll make this as soon as i can! :D

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ask. anonymous.